Protect and beautify your cherished wood furniture for life with Howard Feed-N-Wax Howard Feed-N-Wax is the original and still the best liquid wood wax on the market. If you want to protect and beautify your furniture including antiques and reveal the natural gleam of the grain, this product is a must-have for any household or professional furniture restorer. Made from a rich liquid blend of soft beeswax, hard carnauba wax and essential orange oil, it spreads easily across varnished and raw wood surfaces and when wiped dry it forms a rich, durable protective coat. It contains oils that “feed” and rehydrate the wood creating a protective barrier that prevents the wood from drying, deteriorating and fading. You will love how it enhances the natural beauty and depth of grain giving the patina a stunning appearance. IT CAN BE USED TO PROTECT A VARIETY OF WOOD ITEMS • Antiques • Vintage pieces • Modern furniture • Dining tables • Kitchen Cabinets • Doors & trims • Vanities • Sewing Machine Tables • Musical Instruments If you own furniture that holds great sentimental value, you can rest assured Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Conditioner is the perfect product to help keep it in excellent condition. Regularly used on both new and old furniture and wood surfaces, it will extend the life of your favourite piece. If your varnished furniture has surface scratches, white haze and other surface blemishes or imperfections, it is best to first use Howard Restor-A-Finish. This popular product will easily and effectively repair and revive varnished wood surfaces. Feed-N-Wax then perfectly completes the restoration giving the newly restored varnish a rich glow and a durable protective coat. This treatment will that add years of life to your furniture. Would you like to know more about Howard Feed-N-Wax? Our website is full of handy tips, before and after photos, video demonstrations, product information and lots more. Take the time to explore it. It’s well worth a look.