1. How to Keep Your Cane Furniture From Breaking

    Cane furniture became popular during 19th C because of its light and inexpensive nature as compared to the giant furnishings, not to mention the fantastic robust and rusty look it adds to your indoors and outdoors. It isn’t just for country houses anymore.
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  2. 5 Things in Furniture Maintenance that no Expert will Ever Tell you!

    Investing in furniture is no small investment. After buying it the last thing you want is to deteriorate. To stop that a modest degree of care is required. You might have read about all the expensive furniture maintenance tips from the experts but in this article we will supply some tips to retain your furniture in mint condition. With minimal furniture care products and some love, you can restore the essence of the piece you never knew was lost. You can gain access to great furniture products at Howard Products.
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    You’ll be glad to know that Orange Tung Wood Oil is a non-toxic safe and easy way to permanently coat, enrich and protect any item, practical or decorative, made of wood.
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  4. Restore old or damaged wooden furniture to its near original condition like a pro

    Restore old or damaged wooden furniture to its near original condition like a pro. Used by professional furniture restorers and antique dealers around the world, along with D.I.Y enthusiasts and home owners, Howard Restor-A-Finish is recognised as the Gold standard in furniture restoration.
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  5. Protect and beautify your cherished wood furniture for life with Howard Feed-N-Wax

    Howard Feed-N-Wax is the original and still the best liquid wood wax on the market. If you want to protect and beautify your furniture including antiques and reveal the natural gleam of the grain, this product is a must-have for any household or professional furniture restorer.
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  6. Clean and polish all your wood surfaces, with Howard Orange Oil

    If you are looking for a product that will both clean and polish your varnished wood surfaces as well as nourish and clean raw wood items then Howard Orange Oil Wood Polish is the perfect solution.
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  7. Have you tried Howard Products 100% guaranteed Food Safe range?

    Kitchen hygiene is so important if you want to keep your home, your family and visiting friends safe and healthy. And now, with Howard Products’ 100% Food Safe range, you can rest assured that your cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other food preparation surfaces will always be maintained to the highest hygiene standards
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