How to information sheets

The "How To" Information sheets below should answer most of your questions about how to use our products but if you ever need any personal help or advice on how and where to use Howard Products you can contact us

  • Furniture Care - How to care for all your furniture using the fine cleaning and restoring products in the Howard range
  • Product Hint Sheet - Some useful hints regarding the use of various Howard Products
  • Finishing Raw Wood - Easy steps to seal and the finish raw wood items using Orange Oil, Feed-N-Wax, and Citrus Shield
  • Filling & Protecting Raw Wood - How to fill gaps in raw wood using Citrus Shield and how to produce a hard, durable finish on outdoor timber using Tung Oil.
  • Caring for leather - The best way to care for, and extend the life of leather upholstery, saddles, shoes, handbags and other leather items
  • Making hard Carnauba Wax - Make a hard wax that is Ideal for the wood-turner who wants to add shine and protection while working at the lathe.
  • Using Orange Tung Wood Oil - How to use this chemical-free wood oil on your floors, decking or outdoors wooden furniture.